Why Did Stokestoke Start A Digital And Creative Agency?

Really, the big question here is why anyone would, or would not, start a digital agency. This is a common question from many young professionals who have worked in a digital agency — under the guidance of leaders who have almost zero knowledge of what actually goes on behind the scenes. You might be asking, “Bitter much?” And our response is, “Yep!”

Let’s dive into why we at StokeStoke decided to start our own agency and the goals and mindset we had diving into this mad industry. At StokeStoke, we believe that agencies should revolve around making other people money (yes, that simple). When we sign on new partners, we ask the biggest question of all, “What is your goal?” From there, we decide how we can help. More times than not, there are ways in which we can assist and we do. If we feel that we can’t help, then we say, “Sorry, we can’t help you.” And we move on. If you’ve dealt with other Digital Agencies then you might be aware that this isn’t the typical approach. Your standard agency revolves around making the agency money. This leads to many mom-n-pop shops being taken advantage of through flashy reports and spreadsheets that showcase inflated numbers. If you’re reading this as an industry-nerd then you’ve heard too many times to “just highlight the wins”. Bullshit. We show our losses.

Our primary focus since our original campfire huddle was to be transparent. We don’t need fancy PowerPoint presentations to pitch why we’re the best. As all agencies should, we treat our client’s business like our own business, because well.. it is. If our clients succeed then we succeed.

In summary of our first blog, we just want to say that we aim to do good. We’ve pulled industry professionals from all areas of expertise to craft an agency around transparency and goodness. That’s what we offer. Enjoy.

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