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Google Ads Management

At StokeStoke, we’ve been managing Google Ads / PPC Campaigns for nearly ten years. We’ve collectively managed several millions of dollars worth of ad spend, which has allowed us to learn what works and drive a positive ROI time after time.

Google Ads / PPC Manager Near Me

As you may know, Google Ads can be tricky. There are tons of factors that go into actively managing a successful campaign, which make it very difficult for someone to learn and manage themselves. That’s why our clients trust us to manage their Google Ads campaigns and we keep them updated every step of the way. 

We could go on and on about how great we are at managing Google Ads but I don’t want to give away our secrets. In plus, we’d rather talk about how great you are and start getting your ads in front of quality customers. 

Give us a call at 866-99STOKE and let’s discuss your goals. 

Google Ads PPC Management

What Makes StokeStoke’s Google Ads Campaigns Successful?

Many Google Ads beginners think that good copy and a decent landing page will drive them success. While that is important, there are so many other factors. Here are some of the items that we looks at when building and managing campaign.

Clear Objectives:

One major first step is to set clear and reasonable goals for your Google Ads campaign. These goals can be increasing traffic, improving brand visibility, increasing call volume, etc. The clearer your goals are, the better we are at meeting them. Keep in mind that getting specific with your goals is more effective than a taking the shotgun approach.

Target Audience:

One of the first questions we always ask when building out a campaign is, “Who is your ideal customer?” This can sometimes be a difficult question to answer, but it’s extremely helpful in helping us craft the appropriate messaging, keyword targeting, geo, and much more. 

Compelling Ad Copy:

We work with our clients to craft ad copy that is compelling, enticing, relevant, and (most importantly) accurate to the industry. This helps us increase conversion rate and decrease the likelihood of unecessacy ad spend. 

Landing Page Optimization:

Another key factor that we look at is the landing page. We determine which page best suites our audience. If that page doesn’t exist, we’ll build a brand new page with a clear call-to-action. 

Relevant Keywords:

This one is extremely important! We’ve seen so many campaigns with poor keyword management. We once saw an air conditioning company (PPC not managed by us) pay for a click for, “Do Astronauts have Air Conditioners in their space suits?” While this is a good question, it’s not relevant to the company. We audit our keyword targeting at least once a week to prevent silly things like this from happening. Oh, and in case you were wondering, astronauts do have air conditioners in their suits. 

Budget Management:

We’ll touch on this later, but this is one things that most agencies do not do well. At StokeStoke, we adjust ad spend weekly, daily, and sometimes even hourly depending on your capacity. If you’re a contractor with a dispatch board, we’ll review it every morning. If your board is full, we’ll pull back and save budget for another day. If you’re slow, we’ll increase budget to fill your day with jobs all while staying within your monthly target ad spend. 

Testing and Optimization:

With the help of our clients, we’re constantly exploring new ideas around promotions, ad text, landing page copy, etc. If a client has an idea, we’ll put some ad spend behind it and compare the results to other campaigns. Taking this approach often leads to decreased cost per conversions month after month as we really hone in on what works best. 

Being Honest:

At StokeStoke Digital Marketing, we depend on our clients success for our own success. We view our clients as partners and this sometimes requires us to ask difficult questions and maybe even come across as harsh. To give you an example, we were once driving leads to a company and the CSR’s were taking almost two minutes to answer the calls. Customers would get tired of waiting, hang up, and probably call a competitor. Stuff like this leads to wasted ad spend and we don’t like to give Google more money if we don’t have to. Things like this can be hard to discuss but are necessary to our client’s success. We’re here to help and sometimes that means we have to be brutally honest.

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