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phoenix Video production

Looking for the best Phoenix Video Production Company in the Valley? We shoot on RED Cameras and have over 15 years of experience across a wide range of industries. We’ve shot, edited, and produced for Television Shows, Publicly-Traded Companies, Commercials, Weddings, Music Videos, Company Promos, and much more. 

Video Production in Phoenix, Arizona

With a portfolio of videos previously aired on various national televisions stations, and over ten years of experience, StokeStoke is capable of any video job you have in mind!

Let’s bring your idea to life through a timeless video by well-known experts of the industry. Give us a call at 866-99STOKE.

Arizona Video Production | The Process:

Choosing the right Phoenix Videographer can be tough, especially for one-time events. That’s why we ask the right questions and follow the appropriate steps to exceed expectations. 

What is the goal of the video?

It’s important that we understand your vision well before the shoot. Understanding what the end goal is helps us craft a timeless video and ensure that it’s produced and edited for the appropriate platform. 

Who is the target audience?

It’s important that we understand the target audience to ensure that we use the appropriate tone, language, editing, and music. Knowing the target audience will also help us determine the project’s scope.

What is the budget for the project?

If you have a vision in mind, we can discuss your ideas together and determine a reasonable budget to meet your expectations. 

What is the timeline for the project?

Formalizing a schedule is very important for every video project. Understanding the timeline allows us to have the necessary people on the job and meet deadlines for completion. 

What are the deliverables?

Formats and deliverables change quite a bit from YouTube, Instagram, Television, etc. These expectations and specifications need to be clearly defined well in advance to allow us to shoot, edit, and export in the appropriate format/timeline/quantity for the job. 

What are the logistical requirements?

We’ve taken many trips to shoot and we’re not only tied to Arizona. If you’re looking to have a video shot outside of Phoenix, that’s great. We’ll just want to have this well planned out so we can have the appropriate equipment and crew ready for the job. 

Are there any Legal Requirements? 

Will we need any permits to fly a drone? Permissions to use a person’s likeness? etc.

Movie-Quality Video Production in Phoenix

We’re the best videographers in Arizona. Don’t believe us? Check out our videos!

Josh Metzger – Camera Operator / Director of Photography

Our lead videographer, Josh Metzger, has been behind the lens since he was a child; filming skateboarding, motocross, and anything else in his path. Since then, he’s acquired clients in various industries and his videos have aired on several national television stations.

Seen Left: Josh Metzger shooting Deandre Hopkins on RED Camera.

phoenix video production
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