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Fun Fact: The average American spends 24 hours a week online. If you struggle with your web presence, chances are your business will struggle as well.

Custom Web Design Company Near Me

In today’s age, a website is more than necessary — it’s the closest thing you have to representing your storefront (unless, of course, it is your storefront). At StokeStoke, we’ve build websites for various industries; HVAC, Plumbing, Garage Doors, Bars, Restaurants, Dispensaries, and even an Apiculturist! Our websites are built to last. Our web designs are backed up daily and we make consistent updates to prevent downtime. Our Web Designs are also fast. As a young Ricky Bobby once said, “I wanna go fast!” We felt that.

We could go on and on about how awesome we are, but we’d rather talk about how awesome you are and bring that awesomeness to digital life. Give us a call at 866-99STOKE.

Web Design Company | Factors to Consider When Shopping:

Choosing the right web design agency can be tough. Every web designer working for StokeStoke was once a Marketing Manager and each one of us has once been tasked with this hard decision. Every web design agency promises the moon and they all seem too good to be true. So, instead of attempting to aggressively sell you our services through this page, we just ask that you consider the following factors and choose a company that fits. Whether that be with us (obviously, preferable) or with another agency. Either way, we hope you find the right web design company for the job. Here are some factors to consider:


When choosing a web design company, ask them what tools they use and why. Web Design companies can sometimes be overwhelming with their jargon and this is an easy way to see how skilled they are in clearly explaining their expertise and what separates them from the rest. Also, ask them how many websites they’ve built. At StokeStoke, we’ve built over one hundred websites. 


This one is obvious, but ask to see their past work. If they do good work, you really shouldn’t even have to ask! We’re happy to send examples of our work upon request. 


The cost of web design services can be a major factor. At StokeStoke, we’ve built very large websites and we’ve also built small sites for mom n’ pop shops. We know what it’s like being a small business operating on a small budget and if that’s you, don’t let a large agency sell you a pricey website that you don’t need just yet. 


Some agencies are very relaxed with their communication guidelines and often have very long response times. When vetting your web design company, be sure to ask them what their average response time is. StokeStoke’s average response time via email is within one hour during business hours. 


When vetting your web design company, ask them about their experience with SEO, Paid Ads, Analytics, etc. Having a company that can manage all of these can be hard to find but will make your life easier in the long run instead of dealing with one agency for each job.  


Check out every company’s reputation. Ask them if their existing and past clients would be willing to provide a referral. A high-quality web design agency should be able to provide this with ease. 

Web Design Services | What Makes Us Different?

We’re different from other web design agencies in so many ways, but these three components are the hardest to find. 

We Don’t Do Pesky Web Maintenance Contracts and You Can Cancel Anytime.

We believe in letting our work speak for itself. We build AWESOME websites and almost every web maintenance request is handled same-day. It is very rare that a client leaves us. However, it has happened. And, if you ever want to take your website and have another agency manage it or you decide you want to manage it yourself, no problem. We’ve seen agencies hold websites hostage along with all of the data that comes along with it and that’s just wrong! When deciding on what company you’d like to have build your website, keep things like this in mind and be sure to ask about this. 

We Are Transparent With YOUR Website Data

Every website we build comes with a custom dashboard containing realtime data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and more. And, you can compare data to previous date ranges. Unlike other agencies where you have to request data and hope that they’re being transparent, we feel that this data is yours and it’s your right to have full time access to all metrics — good or bad. 

We’re Fun!

We know how stressful having a new website built can be. It can require a lot of communication and preparation, but our job is to make that process fun and painless. Our process is simple; we get to know you as a business, we toss around ideas, share mock ups with you, and we work together to bring your idea to reality. 

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