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Web Design in Savannah

Fun Fact: The average American spends 24 hours a week online. If you struggle with your web presence, chances are your business will struggle as well.

Web Design in Savannah, Georgia

With the beautiful city that Savannah is, it’s important that businesses and especially their websites maintain that same level of awe. You website is often the first impression you make on a potential customer, so make that first impression count by having a fast, sleek, and informative website that ranks well on Google. At StokeStoke, we’ve build websites for various industries; HVAC, Plumbing, Garage Doors, Bars, Restaurants, Dispensaries, and even an Apiculturist! Our websites are built to last. We back our websites up daily so you never have to worry about any downtime and we’re always sure that our websites are graded A+ by Google’s PageSpeed Insights.
If you’re in the market for a new Website in Savannah or any other marketing services or just have questions, feel free to give us a call at 866-99STOKE.

Web Design Services | What Makes Us Different?

We’re different from other web design agencies in so many ways, but these three components are the hardest to find. 

We Don’t Do Pesky Web Maintenance Contracts and You Can Cancel Anytime.

Yep. You read that right. We build amazing websites and almost every web maintenance request is handled same-day. We let our work speak for itself and our clients almost never leave us. However, you always have that option with us. We’ve seen agencies hold websites hostage along with all of the data that comes along with it and that’s not okay with us! When deciding on what company you’d like to have build your website, keep things like this in mind and be sure to ask about this.

We Are Transparent With YOUR Website Data

We offer custom marketing dashboards with every web build. This data comes from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and more. It contains information like; number of website visitors, their area, how long they spent on the site and so much more. Also, you can compare date ranges of data. Some agencies provide data upon request and you’re not always certain if the information is accurate. At StokeStoke, we feel that this data is yours and it’s your right to have full time access to all of your metrics — good or bad.

We’re Fun!

Having a website built can be a daunting task or it can be a very fun task. It’s up to you and your agency. Our process is simple; we get to know you as a business, we toss around ideas, share mock ups with you, and we work together to bring your idea to reality. We do have a list of around 25 questions for our “Onboarding Process” but I promise it’s more fun than it sounds.

Savannah Website Builder | Factors to Consider When Shopping:

Deciding which route to take when having your website built can be challenging. There are so many options for building your website yourself and also several companies in the Savannah area with the skillset. Every web designer working for StokeStoke was once a Marketing Manager and each one of us has once been tasked with this decision. So, we get it! It’s hard. And that’s one of the main reasons why we started StokeStoke. Every company will promise you the moon. Instead, we just want to give you the resources to make the right choice. Whether that be with us or with another web design company in Savannah, here are a list factors to consider before making your decision:


When vetting your Savannah Web Build company, ask them what tools they use and why. They should be able to explain everything in a very easy-to-understand way and if they can’t I would consider that a red flag. We build our websites to allow our clients to leave at any time. This isn’t to encourage our customers to leave, of course. We do this to prevent any of our clients from feeling like they’re held hostage. At StokeStoke, we’ve built over one hundred websites and each one of them can be passed off to another agency or in-house marketing manager with ease of use. If you decide to manage your own site after it’s built, we’ll happily pass off the keys, train you how to manage it, and send you on your way. Be sure to ask about ease-of-use before making your decision.


This one seems like a no-brainer, but ask to see their work. If they do good work, you really shouldn’t even have to ask! We’ve built websites for a wide-range of industries and we’re happy to send examples of our work upon request.


This is obviously a major decision-making factor and this is why many businesses often decide to build their own website via Wix or SquareSpace. We know what it’s like being a small business operating on a small budget and if that’s you, don’t let an agency sell you a pricey website that you don’t need just yet. Websites should be built to scale upwards. If your agency can’t meet your needs given your budget, be sure to ask if the website can be built upon. Can it be built to accomplish your needs down the road?


Many agencies have 24-48 response time. This can be due to them outsourcing work or overloading Account Managers with too many clients. Regardless, it’s important to ask about average response times. During business hours, our average email response time is one hour. And, if you ever need anything urgent we’re always a phone call away.


Finding a suitable Website Design Company in Savannah can be tricky, but finding an agency offers additional services can be an even bigger challenge. It’s best to keep all of your marketing efforts central to one agency to make your life easier (less emails, less meetings, etc.). So, when vetting your web design company, ask if they offer SEO, Paid Ads, Analytics, etc. Having a company that can manage all of these can be hard to find but will make your life easier in the long run instead of dealing with several agencies.


Before making a decision, ask your agency if their existing and past clients would be willing to provide a referral. A high-quality web design agency would be happy to provide you with this information.

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